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Arco (TN)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ghost Writer - Jen from Blog it or Lose it - October 15, 2014

I loved reading our Ghost Writer (Jen of Blog It Or Lose It ) today.  She shed light on a subject which is near to us all, popular culture ... that is movies, tv series and perhaps video games and popular music ... there's a lot more behind the subject than most of us probably would have thought about without this reflection by Jen and I really appreciated reading her point of view and decided to find inspiration for the following haiku from a few of my favorite "distractions".

By the way, the post makes reference to how, in the past even the great haiku poet Basho used popular culture sometime to write haiku ... curious?  Follow this link to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!


There is so much to choose from ... to tell the truth I don't watch many TV series ... though I have my favorites - Star Trek (all of them), The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and I loved Firefly ... but I watch oodles of movies, though few more than once.  The one's I used to inspire me are two of my "Linus Blanket" films.  I have to admit ... I think i could have written at least a dozen more haiku!

tears flow freely
watching the evening news
- with Sheldon

(c) G.s.k. '14

Quote from the episode The Gorilla Experiment
Sheldon: Why are you crying?
Penny: Because I'm stupid.
Sheldon: That's no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.

"The Wonderful Word of Amelie"
sweet innocence
- world of imagination
woven into life
inspiring love and beauty
walking with Amélie

(c) G.s.k. '14


"Wings of Desire"

armor tattered
outside bright reality
an angel falls

(c) G.s.k. '14


  1. I know what you mean about these movies/shows being a type of Linus blanket -- which would also be a great haiku, btw!

    an inch of snow
    sheltering the fallow fields -
    Linus's blanket

    ??? not great, but a start perhaps ????

    Love the subtle jab in Sheldon's haiku --- brilliant! :)

    1. lol ... you could be right ...

      winter blues
      hiding with my Linus blanket
      - welcome fire crackling

      I couldn't resist Sheldon's Jab ... actually thought of you and our recent converstions about how the society's moving when I posted that one ;-)

  2. Ah, Cara, you start with my fav sitcom...I love Sheldon!! this show helps me disconnect from the realities of some unfortunate children; the other two are great movies I have enjoyed as well.l..your ku roll off my tongue when I read them aloud...Brava, Cara!! xx

    1. I can't resist Sheldon! The others are brilliant ... but Sheldon is a SuperNova! I remembered you'd loved Amelie and thought if you saw the post you would appreciate it .. didn't know you'd seen Wings of Desire though ... ah - that film is wonderful ... Have you seen Babbet's Feast - it's a Danish movie about a book written by Karen Blixen - and 100% true to the write (and Jackson thinks it can't be done) ? Here's the Wikipedia round-up of the film: - Just read that this is Pope Fracis' favorite film ... in what circles I move! ;-)

  3. A nice post Georgia .... to me it's still a bit difficult to relate to this pop-culture haiku idea ... maybe I am to old to change my ideas or opening up to a new approach ...

    1. Thanks Kristjaan ... actually though you do relate more than you realize perhaps ... I remember the prompt where you talked about "Lost in Translation" or the music prompts ... some would even include Paulo Coelho's books are part of pop culture ... I think your thinking about TV - and I'd have a hard time relating there as well, I don't watch TV in fact don't even own one ... but there are a couple of things I watch occasionally in streaming thanks to my fellow blogger's reccomandations.
      In the end, I agree with Lolly that the ku must be stand alone and be able to be read by someone who knows nothing about the pop cultural backgroud ... kind of like a haiga ... each stands along though they refer to each other.

  4. I really love the last poem, and "outside bright reality" is an especially wonderful phrase, I think.

    1. Thanks ... glad you enjoyed the haiku ... have you seen that film ... I liked that phrase myself because that was the state of the angels ... Wenders filmed everything to do with the angels in black and white.


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