Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ghost Writer - Odilon by Jen - August 20, 2014

Yesterday's Ghost writer,  Jen of Blog It Or Lose It on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai wrote a wonderful introduction to a paiter I'd never encountered . Odilon Redon (1840- 1916).

" He was a French symbolist painter and draughtsman who said of his own work, “My drawings inspire, and are not to be defined. They place us, as does music, in the ambiguous realm of the undetermined.” As such, I don’t think he’ll mind if we use his artwork to generate haiku-moments and impressions.
Take a moment, then, and crawl inside this painting (Flower Clouds, 1903). 

Odilon Flower Clouds 
 This particular painting really speaks to me - infact a haiku immediately came to mind upon reading Jen's article which I put into the comments: 
sailing through darkness
a sudden outburst of light

Butterflys - Museum of Modern Art , New York U.S.A.

in a bright mystic garden
butterflies and blooms

the artist's mind
opened by brush or paper
subconcious voyage

sailing in the bay
two lovers dream of heaven
salted tears unknown

perfume of jasmine
dusty earth in the first rain
butterflies play

salt on my  lips
sails clap loudly in the wind
fireworks in August

Here Jen confides a little secret and she's oh so right:

"Sometimes when I am feeling low on inspiration, I look to the art world for help.  It’s fun – and challenging –to unleash the muses and let them crawl around inside a particular painting.  Together we examine a piece of artwork with all of our senses and then wait for that poetic “flash of lightning” to strike.   And it usually does strike because we’re forced to look at something in a totally different manner."


  1. I like you photo, and the words woven from them. Nice!

    1. Thanks .. this is a new artist for me ... he does fantastic work!

  2. Your haiku are wonderful Georgia -- they really reflect Redon's effect upon the viewer, the emotions inside the writer, and his philosophy -- oh, so well. They're all great -- but I think your last poem is really inspired! So many senses at work in so few words -- [applause!]

    If I ever get to the National Gallery of Art I'll be able to see two of his paintings in person -- woo hoo! They have one of his butterfly paintings too but sadly it's not on display. Perhaps some year!

    Great post Georgia! :D

    1. First of all thank you once again fro the introduction to this great artist. That last poem ... fireworks in August refers to a yearly event in Riva del Garda, which we'll miss this year as we're going to a historical rievocation up north (it's this weekend) ... unless of course it rains then it will be a week late.

      I read that hubby was ill and you couldn't get to the Gallery yesterday (then couldn't find the comment) sorry about that ... maybe today? A shame how they keep some paintings stashed, but I suppose they can't put everything up. His pictures are breath taking and loved the butterflies!

    2. I'm late in responding -- sorry! We finally made it to the Nat Gallery and the Redon paintings were wonderful in person. You would never believe how delicate his brushwork is -- really striking.

    3. Not to worry ... I hope someday I too will see his work "in person" -- you describe his work so well that I feel very drawn.

  3. I do not know this artist, but found the work compelling. All lovely haiku.

    1. I only discovered the artist recently myself ... to see more go and visit Carpe Diem's Ghost Writer post ... the link is above :-)


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