Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ghost Writer - Writing with Jen - September 23, 2014

Jen of Blog It Or Lose It  is today's Ghost Writer at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai ... and she's introduced us to an American  poet Sara Teasdale:

" ...[she] lived from 1884-1933.  She published several collections of poetry during her life, including Sonnets to DuseHelen of Troy and Other PoemsRivers to the SeaFlame and Shadows, and Love Songs.  She is probably best known for three poems:  “Like Barley Bending”, “I Shall Not Care”, and “Leaves”."
Here is the poem she's given us to reflect upon and give our impression in haiku form:

"Leaves" (1917)

ONE by one, like leaves from a tree,
All my faiths have forsaken me;
But the stars above my head
Burn in white and delicate red,
And beneath my feet the earth
Brings the sturdy grass to birth.
I who was content to be
But a silken-singing tree,
But a rustle of delight
In the wistful heart of night,
I have lost the leaves that knew
Touch of rain and weight of dew.
Blinded by a leafy crown
I looked neither up nor down -
But the little leaves that die
Have left me room to see the sky;
Now for the first time I know
Stars above and earth below.

©  Sara Teasdale
Jen goes on to write this:
Rather than elaborate upon the poem, I’d like to know what the poem means to *you*. 
Can you envision the stars, the brown grass at the trees' feet, the liberation of being "leafless"?  What thoughts come to mind when *you* read the poem?


this autumn night
under star light standing nude

©  G.s.k. '14


  1. And I bet it *would* be ecstasy too. What a curse to live so near so many people! Would be nice to be free of shame and guilt and all those other society-imposed constraints. Ay.
    Enjoying your inspiration here -- :)

    1. And you know me so well ... of course ... here I was speaking metaphorically as in nude from all society-imposed constraints ... it's a little chilly right now to go dance in the wood naked ;-)

    2. We'll call "nude" a kigo -- it's desirable only in summer, LOL!
      Could be .... um ... invigorating though ..... o.O

    3. Oh yes ... nude will be my new kigo for summer - invigorating or no, my "rumatisms shore" don't like it ;-)

  2. Sounds like the Wiccan tradition ... to celebrate full moons in nature completely naked ... awesome response Georgia

    1. Wonderful traditions, I think in the summer it would be wonderful to be one with nature feeling it on my skin .. alas in the haiku nudity was a metaphor ... I was only naked of ideas ;-)

  3. Autumn nights are good for that sort of thing, yes, they are!

    1. LOL ... a bit chilly but yes it could be interesting :-)

  4. I have already notified the paparazzi....hope you are a famous person:)

    1. Ha! Naughty you! No, not famous at all, but I certainly would shock my neighbors if I did this :-D

  5. I would be freezing standing nude. but it sound wonderful when written...

    1. Me too ... and in fact, this was a metaphor of being naked of ideals :-)


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