Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little Creatures - September 11, 2014

For today's little creatures, we're looking at autumn and who better than Issa could inspired us!

 tori naite bimbô-gusa(*) mo saki ni keri

birds singing--
wild daisies too
are blooming
asa-zamu mo haya gatten no tombo kana
he, too, quickly learns
how cold the morning is...

tombô no hako shite iru ya kiku no hana
the dragonfly
takes a crap...

© Kobayashi Issa

But also Shiki:

rai harete ichiju no yûhi semi no koe

after the thunder-shower

one tree in evening sunlight

a cicada's cry
© Shiki

Our host has given us many other examples of other haiku poets, classical and modern, in his post today ... so go and be inspired at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!


 autumn's thunder storms
the sparrows find little shelter
to keep their wings dry

fields of wild flowers
inviting bees for supper

before the winter snows

early frosted morn
only the blackbird's song

warms the day

under the darkened sky
the crows caw restlessly

food in abundance

a storm approaches
the fly seeking shelter
invades the parlor

trooping ants
gathering crops in their nests
for winter snows

in Arco this morning
chittering squirrel dropped nuts

on the city traffic

© G.s.k. '14


  1. Where to start Georgia? So many wonderful creatures -- the humor in the squirrel pelting traffic, to the slightly sad/ominous image of the fly seeking shelter. Brava my dear!

    1. Thanks ... the little creatures have been active lately .. but I must admit the squirrel was from a year old memory ... the fly was buzzing me as I wrote :-/ .

  2. What a busy morning you had cara, with all your little critters while the BIG creatures sleep:) love reading your ku!! you never need a photo the way you describe so eloquently:) xx

    1. Thanks ever so much .. I find it much easier to be aware of the little critters when the big one sleep ;-)

  3. What a lovely collection of haiku. I am particularly fond of that mischievous nut dropping squirrel and the blackbird's song.

    1. Min own favorites ... The squirrel did his trick last year and I don't think he really was happy about losing his nuts. Whereas the blackbirds are my favorite singers :-)

  4. This one stands out for me

    early frosted morn
    only the blackbird's song
    warms the day

    beautifully done


    1. Thank-you dear sir ... I love that one particularly ... blackbirds are so cheerful!

  5. That last haiku reminds me of a section of road in my neighborhood where the road is littered with various 'nuts'. When I am on my walk with 'the little people' I stuff my pockets and put the nuts in a bowl on the ground for the squirrels, so maybe they'll stay away from the bird seed. At least for a few moments. But...I have to be careful, because the sky falls sometimes... as the squirrels in those other trees skitter and scatter at our approach - the nuts rain :)

  6. LOL .. squirrels are always in such a rush ... and then it rains nuts ... thanks for your story! :-)


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