Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sincerity - Tackling Tuesday - August 29, 2014

a durge from the heart
anger burning in the soul
sincerity's songs

nude under the sun
words fly like biting gnats
speaking from the heart

the mask finally falls
sincerity triumphs
a reckoning

(C) G.s.k. '14

Written for Carpe Diem's Tackle Tuesday:

"This week we will pass the 4th Ity Sincerity. Open hearted and righteous we will stand there. To be openhearted and righteous sounds easy, but is it easy to be openhearted and righteous? Talking and acting right from your heart as a loving and caring being isn’t easy. We all have a kind of personal protecting shield, a kind of wall that’s around us. It’s not in us to say what we think. We are choosing our words after thinking about it. Can I say what I want? How do I have to say it without hurting the other? I respect the ideas of the other, but what as your ideas are different than the ideas of others?
Be sincere to yourself also. Sometimes we act like that we are feeling better than we really are. We will all be a better ... self, but that isn’t possible. We all are who we are with our faults and rarities. Let go of your mask, put it away … be yourself accept who you really are. We will have to learn that, but I know for sure that we can be ourself as we all want to be in the depths of our hearts.
Be sincere, accept who you are … it will give you peace, true peace …


  1. Very nice!

    I'm really struck by the words like biting gnats --- !

  2. A tumble in and out of dreams.
    The surge and dirge of crossed signals -
    and the reckoning of wakening!

    Heads up: I'll be posting the same haiku/piece at
    both "B" and my "Daily WP" space for easier access.
    I'll put a 'b' or 'w' after my name at the CD link
    so you'll know which one :)

  3. Thanks Jules ... it's been one dark week and I thank you for dropping in and commenting! I'm way behind commenting, but will try to pass by asap ... a huge hug!


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