Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Writing with Gibran - "movement" - August 4, 2014

Today at Carpe Diem, with a Gibran's quote we contemplate time and its movement:

[...] "We measure time according to the movement of countless suns; and they measure time by little machines in their little pockets. Now tell me, how could we ever meet at the same place at the same time?" [...]

Time is one of those aspects of life that we all tend to meditate upon at least once in a while.  Sometimes we feel we don't have enough time ... and that's an aspect of a society that tends to project itself into a constant race to "do" and to "have" rather than a society that promotes "being" ... Then there's the relativity of time, the philosophical aspects of time ... but since we live in the finite it's maybe logical that  we tend to want to understand infinity and endless time.

I was thinking about the film, "Blade Runner" ... the biological androids had 4 years to live, it was incorporated into their DNA.  We like the Nexus 6 also have limits imposed upon our DNA so that one day we too will "terminate" ... like them it can happen by accident or illness but even without these no human can go beyond a certain age. Our body slowly stops working and stops repairing the normal everyday damage caused just by living.  So, I think in the end tolive running after something, consuming, working towards an ephemeral gain is kind of silly ... we should try to live in the "BE"  not the "DO or HAVE".

movements of the clock
minutes becoming hours
the cricket chirps

another sunrise
summer tends towards autumn
cycles in cycles

(C) G.s.k. '14


  1. The cricket chirping - becoming the tick-ticking of a clock -- that is brilliant, Georgia --- a soft reminder ---

  2. I like the cricket chirping too! You are I are such at sunrise, me and my sunsets:) bidding me time to eat dinner.

    1. The ocean does tend to give us different sunsets maybe ...

  3. Time is a on the move. Nice haiku.

  4. Time is going in circles .... nice post Georgia, that last haiku is really a gem.


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