Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sparkling Stars - Tranquility - September 29, 2014

This edition of Sparkling Stars at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is rich!  I'd advise all the readers to drop by and enjoy the collection of great waka and haiku to be found there!

 For now though, I'll just look at the two haiku that Chèvrefeuille put up by the poet Koyu-Ni, she was (she was known as Chiyo-Ni) a Buddhist Nun (as can be seen at her name "ni" stands for "female monk".)

hana chirite shizuka ni narinu hito-gokoro

the blossoms have fallen:
our minds are now

© Koyu-Ni (Tr. R.H. Blyth)

[...] Koyu-Ni died in 1782, her family name was Matsumato. She is on of the mort prominent of the women poets in the Edo period. She learned haiku from Songi the First. [...]

Here is Chèvrefeuille's tranlation of this haiku:

tranquility -
finally I have found peace,
blossoms have fallen

© Koyu-Ni (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)
"The goal of this Sparkling Stars episode is to write a classical haiku, following the classical rules of haiku, about the circle of life of the fragile Cherry blossoms (or any other fragile blossom)."
Here I was inspired by Chiyo-Ni's haiku.

the wild flowers bloom
though autumn leaves are falling
tranquil is the bee
sweet serenity
continuation of life
bees and wild flowers
passing autumn morn
among the late flowers - look
bees calmly work 

  ©  G.s.k. '14


  1. Strange how the bees here, too, are working as if it's just another day, as if winter isn't really a threat - or if it is a threat, they don't feel threatened. Such peace. A great response to the prompt Georgia :)

    1. Thanks ... yes it's just business as usual for the bees ... and they're loving all the new flowers that have been popping up in the woods and fields here, thanks to Indian Summer!


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