Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Chrysanthemums - Classical Haiku - October 9, 2014

For this month of celebration of the second annversary of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:

purple mums blooming
brightening the gloomy fence
- frantic bees humming
 © G.s.k. '14

1. Describe a moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water; so present tense;
2. 5-7-5 syllables;
3. Use a kigo (or seasonword);
4. Use a kireji (or cuttingword);
5. Sometimes a deeper spiritual or Zen-Buddhistic meaning;
6. First and third line are interchangeable and last but not least
7. No Self, avoid personal or possessive pronouns (I, me, my); it's an experience not how the poet feels about it.


  1. What a beauty Georgia ... very nice and so in tune with the classics

    1. Thanks Kristjaan, I was lucky that morning to have passed by this house where the whole of the fence area was planted with mums.


harmonious words ... like crystal clear water ... pure ectasy

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