Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Writing With Basho (6) - "My dreams start to wander" - August 1, 2014

This is the last post dedicated to the 5 most celebrated haiku poets and fittingly we end with Basho.  This is the haiku that Carpe Diem haiku Kai offered as a salute to the month of July:

tabi ni yande  yume wa kareno wo  kake-meguru

ill on a journey
my dreams start to wander
across dessicated fields

© Matsuo Basho (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)
This is Basho's death poem a jisei.  This was a Japanese tradition among literate people, especially Samurai and Zen Buddhist monks,  in the past, though it's not an exclusive characteristic of the Japanese, the Koreans and Chinese did  the same and some have reached us from the past. 

I think it's a beautiful tradition, and though I'm not near death, in the classical sense, this is the passing of a wonderful month of haiku inspiration, so I'll write a symbolic jisei for the occasion:


a beautiful morning
sparrows call at my window
the season's over

© G.s.k. '14


  1. It was a wonderful month wasn't it?
    Great photo and haiku Georgia :)

  2. Thanks Jen ... yes really beautiful.

  3. WOW! Georgia what a nicely written Jisei ... I wonder ... did you write it for yourself of for a loved one? It's really a nice one.

    1. It was written for myself ... I'm happy you enjoyed it.


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