Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Writing With Jim Kacian - Falling Leaves - August 17, 2014

Today's verse from Jim Kacian co-counder of The Haiku Foundation and owner  Red Moon Press on Carpe Diem haiku Kai is:

falling leaves
the house comes
out of the wood

© Jim Kacian
This is Chèvrfeuille's haiku:

 flowers of ice
on the window melting in the sun -
"look dad! it snows!"

© Chèvrefeuille

I love falling leaves ... one of my earliest memories is a song by Edith Piaf ...

falling leaves
rain - golden and red leave
presents a new world

somber rainfall
 leaves falling past the window
autumn beginning

the courtyard grows
emptied of its leafy veil
October morning


  1. Replies
    1. yes ... it has more character than the green jungle ;-)

  2. The growing courtyard is a wonderful image Georgia -- I had to go find Edith Piaf's leaves on YouTube though -- hadn't heard the song. You've definitely captured the mood of the song and the scene outside the window!

    1. I'd intended to put it up on the post ... but I admit that I forgot.

  3. A wonderful trio of haiku Georgia ... I am a fan of autumn and I like the coloring and falling leaves ... I have sweet memories at autumn days ...

    1. I like autumn ... especially after a hot summer ;-)

  4. I think cyberland ate my comments!
    Really liked the image of the growing courtyard :D

    1. No dear ... it was here all along .. I was late in moderating though. Glad you enjoyed the green jungle courtyard ;-)


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