Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apples (2) - September 26, 2014

A second round for apples ... when I lived in Northern Africa, I discovered that the only apples that could be found were imported from the cooler European climes. An agronomist explained, that the fruit won't form unless the tree had undergone a winter freeze. 

American Verse

Mock apple pie in Chad - cinnamon, sugar and thin sliced eggplant.

American Haiku

bright red apples
gift of the winter
received in autumn


bobbing for apples
a jack-o-lantern looks on
children laughing


  1. That mock apple pie sounds interesting. (Good interesting!) I bet it would work, actually ...
    Some of the "mock apple pies" I've eaten around here have been awful. Depression-era recipes.

    1. The trick is to use really fresh eggplant, you leave the peeled slices in salt for half an hour to get rid of any bitterness, was them drain them and use them like apples ... eggplant is actually pretty tasteless when it's really fresh .. it's the old seedy stuff you've got to avoid. I suspect it's the sugar and cinnamon that tricks your tastebuds into thinking you're eating apple pie though. ;-)

  2. That's interesting eggplant pie.
    I wonder how many actually have cold cellars anymore to store carrots, potatoes and apples.
    I also read that these fruits and veggies were actually stored with hay or some other filling sometimes so the skins wouldn't touch each other.

    I think I did actually bob for apples...once. :)

    1. Don't know about hay ... it can get pretty warm inside hay believe it or not, they've got an arthritis cure where they put you in hay. Eggplant pie isn't half bad, but the eggplants have to be really fresh.

  3. That is an interesting pie! love your haiku here, cara. I've never bobbed for apples but it looks fun in the movies! :)

    1. I bobbed for apples only once in my life, I was six years old and we lived in the Phillipines no less! I was wet to the skin and caught nary an apple ... but it was fun. The pie is interesting though I never make it anymore ... have oodles of apples :-)


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