Arco (TN)

Arco (TN)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

River - September 18, 2014

River Sarca (Trentino) Italy

At Carpe DiemHaiku Kia I found this lovely post waiting for me today for my daily inspiration:

[...] "It is this what you mean, isn't it: that the river is everywhere at once, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains, everywhere at once, and that there is only the present time for it, not the shadow of the past, not the shadow of the future?" [...]
 [...] They listened. Softly sounded the river, singing in many voices. Siddhartha looked into the water, and images appeared to him in the moving water: his father appeared, lonely, mourning for his son; he himself appeared, lonely, he also being tied with the bondage of yearning to his distant son; his son appeared, lonely as well, the boy, greedily rushing along the burning course of his young wishes, each one heading for his goal, each one obsessed by the goal, each one suffering. The river sang with a voice of suffering, longingly it sang, longingly, it flowed towards its goal, lamenting its voice sang. [...]
 [...] "He had noticed that the river's spoke to him, he learned from it, it educated and taught him, the river seemed to be a god to him, for many years he did not know that every wind, every cloud, every bird, every beetle was just as divine and knows just as much and can teach just as much as the worshipped river. But when this holy man went into the forests (a metaphor for dying), he knew everything, knew more than you and me, without teachers, without books, only because he had believed in the river." [...]
'Siddhartha' by Hermann Hesse (Project Gutenberg version)

So today with Herman Hesse as my guide (thanks to our host Chèvrefeuille) I'm going to write about "river" .. not a particular river, though the photos are of the river near my home,  but that metaphor of lfe that is river .. the was - is - will be.

Karma Haiga

 river keeps flowing
from past - present - future
the wheel of life turns

© G.s.k. '14


River Sarca

walking along the river
murmurring whispers follow me
and life can seem so easy
or difficult
depending where I am ...
inside inner turbulance
or inside peaceful calm
I listen to the river
as it flows past me each day ...
contemplating its eternal voyage
from the high mountains
unto the sea,
I think of my existence
and all that I've been through ...
the river holds my secrets
it knows the pain and joys
its neverending voyage
whispers ... go onward
the sea awaits you too.

G.s.k. '14


  1. Georgia, such a fabulous description of the river!! The words,pure ecstasy and the crystal clear water, bring the picture of the river so vividly before the eyes.

    1. Thank-you Usha Menon! I'm very happy you enjoyed the poem. I couldn't quite do the same think with a haiku :-)

  2. For flowing rivers, for rivers that never stop, I give thanks. And thanks to you for reminding me!

    Old River Chanting

    1. What a lovely comment MMT ... I'm really happy you enjoyed my intepretation of "river" :-)

  3. Beautiful presentation with the poem - thanks very much.

    1. Thanks Hamish .. I'm really happy you enjoyed the poem :-)

  4. The way a river moves is like the wheel indeed.

    1. When I finally found this photo from my archives (took it in June 2013) I felt it represented karma so nicely ... there it was the river and the wheel. Glad you enjoyed!

  5. Oh Georgia, this is just lovely!

    It reminds me of a song from my childhood -- they sang it at Jim Henson's memorial service. When the River Meets the Sea. I'd share the video but YouTube will probably have blocked it outside the US. :(

    "Like a flower that has blossomed in the dry and barren sand, // We are born and born again most gracefully. // Thus the winds of time will take us with a sure and steady hand // when the river meets the sea."

    Till then, we flow with the river ....

    1. Thanks Jen! A lovely comment .. and such a nice song ... I found it on YouTube. I appreciated you sending me the lyrics. A nice gospel.

  6. like the circle of life
    water has its own cycle
    ocean clouds rain river


    1. Thanks you so much for this beautiful haiku!

  7. The sea, the tug of celestial moon...
    The salt of both sad and joyful tears.


harmonious words ... like crystal clear water ... pure ectasy

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